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Anybody can tell you that one of the greatest ways to have fun and waste some time online is by playing online pokies. These great little games have been around almost as long as the internet and are the same thing as going to a casino and playing a real "pokie" or slot machine, challenge Fantastic four slots at home. Pokies started out as real life machines, but they have migrated online as it is cheaper, easier for people to use and more difficult for cheats to cheat.

Pokies started out as a great way to distract people and provide fun and exciting ways to possibly win money. Anybody that may be in a bar, looking to have some fun, would see these brightly lit machines in the corner and be drawn to go and play. They started out as novelties, things to distract children or others for a while so they forget the world they were used to. Someone finally figured out that they could make some money off these cute little spinning machines and started to charge to play, the catch was that you could also now win money as well if you matched the right wheels to each other. Each person that played this fun little game now had a chance to take a gamble with their money and possibly win more. The only thing that has changed for pokies over the years is how people play them, the game is still the same, it has just moved to a different location, now any one anywhere can play pokies whenever they want to.

Pokies have a long and interesting history; they started as simple machines, to distract and entertain people, and developed into entire online business that takes in millions and millions a year. The pokie is a creature that will keep on evolving as long as people love to play them, anyone can see that they are here to stay and will always have a place in entertainment for the human race. The pokie is and always will be everyone's most favorite machine to play, whether in person or online, this fun little game cannot be beat.

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