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Smartphones and tablets are no doubt the next generation medium for playing mobile casino games. Phones and Tablet devices are now powerful computers with impressive graphics, high-resolution displays and engaging audio that captivates the player. What's even more impressive is that games developers and particularly those developers for the online casino industry is their resolve to make things better, to improve the experience. In a recent survey by Slot Squad the mobile slots review portal, players were asked to explain what their most sort after experience was and why. Not only was the feedback useful to help developers spearhead ideas in the right direction, but it revealed something very interesting to Slotsquad.

Out of 50 users and playing across multiple platforms, it appears that the iPad along with various other tablets was the most preferred gaming tool. What's more, when questioned about the best games, it reveals that slots for tablet are the most sort after mobile casino game to play on these devices. Adrian Dale, who led the assessment, spoke to us directly and told us why he believed online slots were leading the way in terms of mobile gaming. Adrian said, "Slots are no longer plain and low paying fruit machines; they are complex in-depth games that present significant financial reward to winning players". Mr Dale also confirmed that graphics and playability had improved significantly alongside display resolution capabilities on tablets that further amplify the games character.

The results from the Squads feedback forum will now direct the website to concentrate further on finding mobile slots for tablet devices along with any top casinos that support them. They will also put manpower into more trials and test games using the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy as a first choice player medium. If you want to learn more about which mobile casinos they've already discovered and to see some of the best slots for tablet currently on the market, then visit this site for more information. Adrian Dale is one of the lead games architects for Slotsquad and concentrates on finding quality slots for mobile users and on the move gaming enthusiasts.

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