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Folding Poker Tables vs. Poker Table Tops

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If you want to play home poker games on a 'real' poker table but you don't have the room, then you should read this article. Folding poker tables, and poker table tops are good choices for home games, and they don't require a lot of space.

This article will focus on the main benefits of folding poker tables and poker table tops so that the reader will be able to decide which style will best suit their needs.

Folding Poker Tables

There is a wide selection to choose from in folding poker tables, they are available in round, octagonal and oval styles. Most styles will be available in different colors of felt, such as black, green, or blue. The legs fold up, and in some styles the table will actually fold also, making storage easy.

Most styles available have cup holders built into the table, so worrying about spilled drinks won't be an issue. Some are available with chip holders in the dealers spot.

Octagon or round folding tables measure 48", the oblong tables are available from 73" by 48" up to 96" by 48" (seats 10 players).

Folding poker tables' range from approximately $100 to $550. The tables on the upper end of the price spectrum are extremely nice, with raised armrests and wood accent racetrack. One can get a decent table in the $150 price range.

Poker Table Tops

Poker table tops are ideal for those who do not have room to set up a folding poker table. They are available in octagon, round and oval shapes. Poker table tops are made from wood, so it is fine if it overlaps your table a little.

A very nice feature of the table tops is that they are easily transported, so if one of your poker buddies doesn't have a poker table, you can easily accommodate the lending of your table top.

Some of the styles available include cup holders and chip trays for the players.

If using a poker table top is the best option for you remember to cover you dining room table with a protective sheet or blanket to prevent scratches. TIP: purchase the non-skid rug backing and place it on the table. It is inexpensive, will protect the table from scratches, and keep the table top from sliding.

Hopefully this article has given you the information needed to decide which option is best for you.

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