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If you are relatively new to online bingo games, then you might find that the thought of learning a lot of acronyms puts you off the idea of joining in with the chat options. It can seem a bit intimidating when you see phrases like WTG and 1TG being thrown around the place, but thankfully there is some help at hand for you.

The best online bingo sites know only too well that some new players are put off by the number of bingo specific acronyms. One of the simplest solutions to this is to give you a sort of glossary on their site. Here you can look up anything that you aren't sure about while you are playing. Some of the phrases are actually really obvious once you see them explained, and this makes them easy to remember. Have a quick look for a bingo lingo section on the site, Mac poker rooms, you use and you should find the information you need on there.

If you are still stuck, then just ask the chat host on duty. These people work for the bingo site and it is their job to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that everyone feels at home in the chat environment. If you have any doubts about anything, then just give them a shout and they will sort you out in no time. Once you get settled in and feeling confident, then you will probably also end up asking other players for some help too. Don't forget that they are just people like you who are looking for Online Poker Bonuses and a laugh while they play the odd game.

To get you started we will cover some of the most popular bingo lingo you are going to come across when you start playing and chatting. Clearly there are a lot more in use than these, but they will give you a good starting point for exploring the chat on your favourite bingo and bingo + casino sites site. Apart from these phrases, don't forget that emoticons such as little smiley faces help get your message across clearly.

WTG - Way to go

TY - Thank you

1TG - 1 (number) to go

AAMOF - As a matter of fact

CU - See you

FYI - For your information

BRB - Be right back

GLA - Good luck to all

GL - Good luck

BFN - Bye for now

You will also find that some bingo website - http://www.casinogameslive.org have shortcut buttons to save you having to type in certain acronyms, so this is also something to keep an eye out for.

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