In addition to the usual welcome bonuses, many online casinos also offer free spins. Since Free Spins are also linked to certain turnover conditions, we have tested the best and most serious offers. Here it was particularly important that the Durchspielbedingungen are realistic, so that the player can profit at the end also from it at the same time.

In the large fraud test Ladbrokes as particularly respectable offerer proved

Who gambles in on-line Casino with free plays, should consider several factors. In the following test report we therefore deal with the most important points in order to highlight the best online casino free spins.

Criteria for good free spins offers

Selection of online casino free spins

Every serious online casino offers its customers a certain number of free spins. However, you should pay attention to the sales conditions. They should be fair and transparent.

Important criteria

A good reputation of an online casino is always important, especially in the highly competitive gaming industry. Players should select themselves excluding respectable Internet play halls, which are experienced and popular. All of the companies listed here have been thoroughly checked by fraud test, so that players get a good and honest overview. First and foremost, of course, is a valid gambling license. If this is not available, it is not even checked. In addition, a certain transparency regarding the bonus terms and conditions is important. These should be available in German and should contain all important things. The following points stand for the seriousness of a free play offer from online casinos:

  • long period to play through
  • no excessive sales conditions (max. 50 x profit from free spins or 100 x turnover)
  • free without deposit
  • freeplayers should have the choice, whether they would like to use the free spins or rather renounce

How to secure a free spins?

In principle, the procedure, how to get free spins or another online casino bonus is quite the same. It also depends on whether a deposit is necessary or not. Sometimes there is the free spin also directly after the registration without further action. However, it is also possible that a deposit must first be made in order to get the spins. However, it is important for all variants that you first create a player account. After the registration there is a welcome mail. Often a link will take you directly to the bonus offer. Otherwise you can simply log in, select the offer via the free spins and activate it. If a deposit is necessary, you must first make a certain minimum deposit and possibly also enter a bonus code. Sometimes you have to contact the support to get the free spins credited. After that you can start playing and fulfill the bonus conditions.

These sales conditions are usually to be considered

Free spins are also linked to certain sales conditions. In most cases the free spins without payment are much harder. Without the bonus conditions even the best online casinos could not offer any interesting offers. They have also no cent to give away. Players must therefore already do a little bit for it, in order to get the bonus. However the defaults for the free plays should be customer-friendly arranged. Maximal a default of 100x conversion or 50x profit from the free plays should be present. That is however already very highly seized. There are black sheep naturally also here again and again. These have much too high specifications, so that players cannot free the bonus at all. Here on the site the players get an overview of fair free play offers, which should be really realizable.

Which games contribute to the sales conditions?

Please note that not all games can be used in free play. In most cases, the slot machines contribute 100 percent. However, the free spins are mostly only applicable to a specific slot machine. In this case, there is always a note with the free game offers. An example would look like this: 20 free spins for Starburst or 20 free spins for Gonzos Quest. In this case the free spins are only valid for these slots. With which games the turnover conditions can be fulfilled, you still have to read. All details can be found at reputable providers in the bonus terms and conditions. So one can read there exactly what exactly everything must be kept and what is still so important to consider. Similarly as with the Online Casino bonus offers, also the Free Spins are attached to certain conditions.

How much time do I have to play through?

The play through period is also a decisive point, which speaks for or against an online casino offer. Because if the period is much too short, then the chances do not stand at all so well to free the bonus. The longer the period is arranged, the better it is for the players. This gives you the opportunity to unlock the winnings or even the main prize from the free spins and make them payable. The general terms and conditions normally state how long you have time to play through.

Wins before playing through the spins can be paid out?

You should strictly beware of having money paid out before you have played through the bonus. If you have not yet fulfilled the bonus conditions, you risk claiming the prize. That is surely in no interest. Therefore, you should always wait until you have really used the amount X a certain number. Because only when the bonus conditions have been completely played through, the winnings from the free spins can be paid out. As long as one cannot access the credit, since it concerns blocked amounts. In the cashier area you can have a look. It usually shows an overview of progress, so players can see exactly what they need to do. As soon as the conditions are completely fulfilled, the winnings from the free spins can be paid out.

Can I get free spins without deposit?

There are free spins with and without deposit. It all depends on the online casino. Some online casinos also offer a welcome bonus in combination with free spins. That is nevertheless very variable. And since there are so many providers, also the bonus offers are so different. Who would like to receive a free play without deposit , which should be clear about it however that in the case often nevertheless more difficult bonus conditions are present. Of course, it is not impossible to play through winnings from free spins without making a deposit. But it is not a simple undertaking in any case.

Fazit – many respectable free play offers

On the market there are so many different on-line Casinos. There are a lot of free game offers that are really serious and good. To the respectable offers count only the bonuses, which show also really no exaggerated Durchspielbedingungen. Offers, which place much too high requirements, can be called fraud and s even as on-line Casino Abzocke. It should keep itself thus everything in the industry-usual framework. Since the competition is nevertheless very strong and each on-line Casino over a player is more gladly, there are mostly nevertheless very customer-friendly conditions for the free plays. Players have thus nevertheless a good selection present, in order to discover exactly the offer fitting for itself.