People have always thought about how best to invest their money. And there have also always been different ways of doing this. However, it can at least be stated that the choice of variants has increased significantly over the past years and decades. In particular, computer technology and the spread of the Internet have given broad sections of the population access to instruments and products that were previously reserved for only a few experts and professional traders. First, we would like to give a rough overview of our most important experiences with the online broker GrandOption and then go into detail on individual aspects of the offer.

In particular, the providers who have specialized in trading binary options have recently recorded a strong influx. But high yield chances and a simple trading principle are still for a long time no guarantees on a continuously high profit. Because exactly as with the strategically and on a long-term basis aligned investment of funds it depends also with the rather short term oriented Trading above all on it to estimate market situations correctly and on this basis the correct decisions to meet   thereby we took this time the on-line broker GrandOption into the view and beside the trade offer, the conditions and the achievements around the trade also the respectability and the trustworthiness examined.

Our experiences at a glance

At the selection of the right online binary options broker many traders first look at the possible yield and then at the underlying securities that are available for trading. In addition, however, other important criteria also need to be examined. Among other things the contents, which are offered approximately around the trade to the support as well as in particular the language, in which these are available. This is because most online brokers do not concentrate their offerings only on a specific market, but are also present in various regions and countries. While an English version of the website is available in almost all cases, it is not always possible to place a bet on an offer in German.

And even if a German version can be set on the start page, this does not automatically mean that all other content is also available in this language. This is particularly important if an extensive educational program is offered and is also to be used by the customer. In the case of the online broker GrandOption, however, this check is superfluous, as the site is offered in English, but not in German, in addition to some other languages. Since GrandOption also has a very interesting and extensive educational offer, interested parties should first clarify for themselves whether their knowledge of English is sufficient to use this offer accordingly. The same applies to the use of the support and all other content.

In general, the form in which the offer is presented to traders at first glance needs some getting used to. The extensive contents, which are quite available, can often only be found after a somewhat elaborate search. Something similar can also apply to the platform itself. Here it is for instance not so easily possible to arrange the available assets according to the categories. So stocks, stock indices, commodities and currency pairs are all in a single list, so that the search for the right underlying asset can sometimes be a bit time-consuming. There are around 100 underlyings available for trading. In addition to the possibility of classic option trading and a wide selection of different periods between 60 seconds and several months, GrandOption also offers social trading.

We also noticed in our GrandOption test that there is a very wide range of providers available to process the financial transactions on the trading account. However, these options are exclusively credit card providers. Bank transfers or the use of e-wallets are currently not available to GrandOption customers. However, these special features should not detract from the fact that professional trading via GrandOption is possible in principle. The platform is extremely reliable and the mobile app also offers the necessary independence. From a minimum deposit of 250 euros or in one of the other accepted currencies, an account can easily be opened and trading started. Altogether four different account types are to the selection, which make additional support, education possibilities and care offers to the investors available.

GrandOption makes absolutely respectable impression

Who can arrange itself with the characteristics mentioned as well as with the offer in English language, is after our experiences with GrandOption in each case at a good address, with which on a respectable, reliable and fair completion of the trade one can trust. In our test we quickly found out that GrandOption is a provider for the trading of binary options, which also has a licence from the Cypriot supervisory authority CySec. In addition to the security that can be derived from the serious business conduct of recent years as well as during our test, a state authority also ensures that important principles are implemented. All in all, customers need not fear that they will encounter fraud or rip-off with this provider.

Providers focus on classic binary options

To open up to a larger market, many online brokers have started to not only present their offerings in different languages, but also to address different groups of traders. With many providers, including GrandOption, it is therefore possible to choose from different account types. This gives traders the option of initially entering the trade with low amounts in the simple account version. Depending on the amount of the first deposit, additional analysis and support services can be expected, depending on the account type. In addition to the services that can be used within the framework of the available accounts, we would also like to take a look at the offer in the area of underlying securities and trading instruments.


Four account variants are available

In total, GrandOption customers can choose from a choice of four different trading accounts. Unfortunately, the amount of the deposit above which the respective account status can be acquired is not published. It is only known that it is possible to open the simplest account with the name Standard with a minimum deposit of 250 Euro. In addition, accounts with the names Gold, Platinum and Diamond are also available. Our experiences with the provider GrandOption have shown one thing: already for beginners who start with the minimum amount and initially only open the standard account, there is access to extensive services.

You can use the regular platform, which runs very stable and allows trading with all instruments and underlying assets. However, it is particularly interesting for beginners to be able to access the extensive range of further training courses offered with this account type. This offer is again structured according to content for beginners and advanced users. It deals with chart analysis techniques, the question of how political and economic news can be effectively processed in retail and, in particular, how the platform can be effectively operated and used. The Gold Account also gives the trader the opportunity to have access to a personal market expert. In addition, Gold Account holders receive a two percent refund for each trade. Those who also value personal training in trading with binary options should opt for the Platinum account.

In addition, investors with this account can have money paid out free of charge from the trading account as often as they like. There is also a four percent payback for each trade. For Diamond account holders, there is also a personal support service that can be used around the clock. In addition, webinars on various topics are held from time to time, in which the holders of all account versions can participate. So while the trading offer is available to all customers regardless of the account type, additional support and assistance offers can be taken advantage of with higher account versions.

Good selection of underlyings

In order to be successful in trading, our experience has shown that it is extremely important to be able to access underlyings for which one knows one’s way around as a trader or where one has the relevant experience. It is not necessarily decisive that a huge range of different securities is available. It is more important for the trader to find the assets he really can and wants to trade. With the online brokers for trading binary options, it has become standard that the four categories stocks, stock indices, commodities and currency pairs are offered.

In addition, however, the range of underlying assets is quite different. In the case of the offerer GrandOption there is according to Assetliste a emphasis within the range currency pairs and shares, in which ever between 25 and 30 single titles are available. In addition eight raw materials and 14 indices come. However, this is obviously only a part of the offer, as we came across a number of other titles while using the platform. In total, the offering here comprises around 100 stocks. As far as currencies are concerned, you can initially choose the combinations of the world’s leading currencies US dollars, euros, yen and British pounds. There are also other important currencies from emerging markets and countries with a strong commodities sector, such as Canada or Australia.

Other currencies found in the combinations are the Swiss franc, the Turkish lira and the South African rand. With equities and equity indices, traders can also rely on developments in various technological segments and selected international markets. The stock selection includes stocks from the banking, insurance, automotive and Internet technology segments. The indices cover the important markets in America, Europe and Asia very well. In addition, there are eight commodities on offer: gold, silver, oil, grain and coffee. In our experience, there are therefore sufficient underlying assets available for a wide variety of strategies. The instruments can only be traded with the binary option version. Additional instruments such as Ladder, One Touch or Range are not available. Anyone who likes this instrument has the option of using different time horizons for trading. The range extends from 60 seconds to several months. In addition, various trading variants can be set up where higher profits can be lured or a small repayment is possible in the case of a negative outcome of the option.

Bonus for new customers is not on offer

The bonus has developed into an important instrument in the highly competitive market of binary options. It cannot be seen as a positive development in general. Because in not few cases the brokers try to cover deficits in other ranges by attractive bonus offers. In addition, traders should always keep in mind that none of the online brokers has anything to give away.

On the contrary: Bonus offers are not only intended to bait traders, but also to motivate them to make higher deposits and sometimes riskier trades. The fact that GrandOption does not currently offer a direct bonus for deposits is not a direct disadvantage. As a kind of bonus, however, it can be considered that with higher account versions there is the possibility of a refund on the achieved trading turnover. In the case of a Gold account, this cash back is two percent, in the case of Platinum and Diamond even four percent. In addition, there are several competitions where investors have the chance to receive an additional financial payout if they achieve high turnover or make particularly high profits in a certain period of time.

Deposit and payout only by credit card

We were a little surprised when we looked at the options available for deposits and payouts. While some online brokers offer three different methods, GrandOption offers only one method: payment by credit card. But the list of accepted providers is very long. In addition to the well-known credit card providers Visa and MasterCard, payment transactions can also be processed with providers such as Carte Bleue, Dankort or CartaSi.

The credit card payment option also provides the method that is the easiest and fastest to process. While the money is available on the account immediately after the transaction has been completed for deposits, up to seven days can be expected for withdrawals. While deposits are not associated with fees, the calculation of a withdrawal fee depends on the type of account and the number of withdrawals made. For example, standard account holders can only make one free withdrawal. For Gold Account holders, this is possible at least once a month. For higher account versions there are no restrictions.

Security through CySec regulation

The Online Broker GrandOption is a company based in Cyprus. Since also here the business is completed, this offerer is obligated to a regulation. What is connected with a higher expenditure and certain costs for the offerer, means for the Trader a higher level at security. One of the regulatory requirements is that customer deposits and corporate funds be managed separately. Since the money is deposited with European banks, European deposit insurance can also be trusted. Thus, a solid security level and an effective control by CySec can be relied upon.

Good support by customer service

In principle, a competent and effective customer service is available. Depending on the account version, a personal contact person can also be used as well as exclusive support, which can even be reached around the clock. First of all it is possible to ask for information directly by telephone. The possibility of using the live chat is also very uncomplicated. For less urgent requests, the e-mail can also be used.

Use of the website needs getting used to

We have already pointed out some special features when using the website. However, once you have got used to the structure and structure, it is no problem to get to the desired content. In English you can then inform yourself about the extensive offer for the trade but also in the area of education and support. However, we were somewhat surprised by the lack of concrete information on the financial requirements for the individual account versions. The trading platform is also very clear and structured. In the middle is the chart of the selected underlying. In addition, the maturity and the trading variants can be set directly. However, the search for the appropriate underlying value is somewhat time-consuming, as neither sorting by category nor alphabetical sorting can be carried out.

Mobile App

Whoever wants to gain additional scope for flexibility in addition to trading via the platform should take a look at the offer for mobile trading. From GrandOption for this two technically matured variants are made available free of charge as App for the Download. Once installed on the Smartphone the Trader finds its way very fast. If it already knows the regular variant, actually no conversion is possible. But also a direct entrance into the trade over the mobile platform does not represent a problem after our experiences.

Fazit – GrandOption offers trade with classical binary options

In this test we looked ourselves the offerer GrandOption once more exactly. It should be noted that the platform and the entire offer are not available in German. Those who dare to use it in English will find a very stable trading platform which offers a number of interesting variants for trading. GrandOption limited itself however to the classical options, whereby some special functions can be adjusted here.

Besides the short term trade starting from one minute numerous variants are available up to long-term running times. The on-line broker with seat in Cyprus is besides regulated, so that a sufficient safety level can be presupposed. Fraud or Abzocke do not have to be feared, instead the Trader can profit from a rich education and support offer. In addition to the browser-based platform, a mobile version is also available for trading.