Every online casino works with a specific casino software. Of course, this must be safe and fair. A closer look at the software is therefore necessary. There are a few points that players should consider when choosing an Internet casino.

The Microgaming Casino software from Jackpots in a Flash has been tested and found to be reliable and safe.

All of the casino software providers listed here are licensed in the EU, enabling players to play legally. Therefore, fraud is out of the question in a Microgaming casino. The necessary security during gambling is given in any case.

Is fraud with the casino software possible?

Selection of a Microgaming online casino

Due to the high status of Microgaming in the casino software sector, the cooperation with the respective providers is to be regarded as serious and safe.

Important criteria

The Microgaming Casino software is fraud-proof. Only reputable casino operators with an official license receive the Microgaming software. A serious license alone stands for security, seriousness and fairness. The combination of a secure gambling license and Microgaming offers maximum security. In general, players can protect themselves from rip-off by paying attention to a few things.

Random generator and independent verification

A random generator is the heart of any casino software. It has to detect random results that cannot be manipulated. And this is exactly what the software offers. In an Internet casino with Microgaming, random and unforeseen results are always determined. In addition, various test laboratories such as eCOGRAT and iTech test the functionality of the software. Through regular checks, dubious machinations are uncovered. So you can feel safe in a Microgaming Casino. Fairness and security are given there.

Online casinos with the different test seals offer thus a plus at security. Microgaming casinos have exactly that to offer. So you can play safely and calmly without having to be afraid of rip-offs. But not only for the players this serves as security. Also the on-line Casino operators profit from the increased security, since also so manipulations can be uncovered on the part of the players.

Payout rates

On the payout rates many players pay attention. Therefore, the casino software offers a plus in transparency, because the average odds are clearly displayed. Especially in the area of slot machines it is important to indicate the payout rates. Because in contrast to a normal gambling hall locally there are in an on-line Casino clearly higher ratios. At least that is in respectable on-line Casinos in such a way. One is safe from fraud in the Microgaming on-line Casino. That is not always given in a normal Casino. By the way, the payout ratios are regularly determined and published. Thus one can inform oneself as a player always well. The payout rate is over 90 percent. If you compare it with the odds of a local arcade, the odds are at least 20 percent above the payout rate there. Therefore it is more and more lucrative to play in an online casino. Because there nevertheless substantially more money is disbursed, than in a normal gambling hall.

However, the high difference is mainly in the case of slot machines. Card and table games, on the other hand, are in the same range as in a conventional casino. However, these payout rates are also stated in the Microgaming Casino. This allows all players to get an overview of the payout rates and then decide whether they want to play in the online casino. The average odds of the individual game categories are often displayed. A general average rate of all games is also possible.

Strong partners: Virus protection encryption of data and money transfers

The reliable online casinos offer players a data transfer of personal data via a data connection with an encryption of at least 128 bits. More is of course even better. Players should always pay attention to the https in the browser. So they are on the safe side and know that it is an encrypted connection. The data is thus transmitted absolutely securely and reliably. In secure Microgaming casinos, deposits and withdrawals can be made using all secure and important payment methods. Especially when PayPal is offered, you can be sure that everything in the online casino is secure. PayPal only works with secure and reliable partners. It is therefore carefully checked in advance whether the provider meets the requirements specified by PayPal and therefore can be called a PayPal Casino .


The casino software is available both as a download variant and as a browser-based variant. So players can decide for themselves whether they prefer to download a casino software or play in Flash mode in their browser. The advantage of the browser-based version is that you can play on any device without having to download any software. So there is no lack of flexibility. The download variant offers hardly any noticeable advantages, so that many players play in the browser. The issue of security has been solved very well both in the browser and in the download version. Both variants do not take anything with regard to security. All connections are securely encrypted. However, it is important to log out properly at all times.

Mobile App

From Microgaming, of course, there are also mobile apps so that mobile players can also play with smartphones and tablets. There are even two variants available. Players are offered a native app and a web app. Thanks to the app, players can play their personal favorite games from anywhere and at any time.

Of course you can also play safely with mobile devices. Because all important security criteria are also adhered to in the app. Fraud and rip-off are also not possible in the mobile Microgaming Casino. The same applies to encryption. This is also the case when playing via mobile devices. However, it is possible that there is a limited selection of games in contrast to the conventional PC version. But the most important and most popular games are usually also playable on mobile devices.

Echgeld Casino Apps for iOS users is due to valid licenses due to Apple’s company policy difficult to download in the store. For players, this means that if they want to play for real money, they would rather use the Web App. But you are safe from downloading and installing fraudulent apps.

Android users, on the other hand, can download casino apps from unknown sources. So you can also play with Android via an app. Whether this is always useful, however, is questionable. Because it can happen that you get to fraudulent sources and get ripped off. So you should always be careful.

You are never safe from fraudulent apps. They fool players into believing that real money can be deposited and winnings paid out. But in the end it doesn’t work at all. Players deposit money, but cannot withdraw winnings. The insidious thing is that the cheaters of the apps advertise themselves as apps of the real providers. If you don’t take a closer look, you can fall into a trap so quickly.

It makes sense to download only one app at a time from Microgaming Casino. So you can be sure that it really is the offer of the reputable provider. One should absolutely pay attention to it. Because respectable offerers do not act fraudulently and make also payments of the profits possible.

Information to the developer and its play offer

The software originates from the privately led enterprise Microgaming software of system Ltd. This enterprise was created in the year 1994 and specialized in the development of Gaming software for on-line Casinos. Microgaming is located on the Isle of Man. The Microgaming network now includes over 125 online casinos. In addition to slot machines, Microgaming also offers roulette, blackjack, video poker, bingo and sports betting. So there is the whole range that online casino users can wish for. In addition, there are also poker rooms that include various poker variations such as Hold’em, Stud and Omaha.

The casino software offers players numerous interesting and exciting casino games. There are even over 850 different games available from the software publisher. So you have a huge choice. Every player will surely find a preferred game. Microgaming’s highlights include the well-known and popular games Mega Moolah, Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park. These games are known for their high winning potential, great effects and many other highlights.

Microgaming is one of the largest casino software developers and has established a good reputation worldwide. The software manufacturer is highly regarded in the industry. Microgaming is also active internationally. The proven and secure software is used by many customers worldwide. The players are also enthusiastic about the games of the house. Practically, there is also a German manual, so that there can be no misunderstandings and resulting wrong moves. It is also very advantageous that there is a practice mode for the Microgaming games. So the players can try out and test the games in peace. This is especially advantageous for new players. This way you can familiarize yourself with the game and get to know the features. The RTP (Return to Player) value is normally specified in the game instructions. As a player, you can enjoy the great fairness and openness.

Live Casino

The Microgaming Casino offers players not only conventional online casino games such as slot machines and roulette, but also games with real croupiers. Of course you won’t find all kinds of table and card games there. But the most important games are represented. In a Microgaming Live Casino there are of course the standard games Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette. So players can enjoy themselves with live dealers and experience a plus in game fun.

The Microgaming Casino with live dealers has something very special on offer. There are not only normal dealers, but also games with Playboy Live Dealers. This will certainly please some players when such nice ladies are seen.

But what are the advantages? Playing with live dealers brings the players a harmonious atmosphere in the home living room. You could almost feel like in a normal casino. With the dealer you can communicate during the game via live chat and always read along.

It’s also important to remember that playing live at the casino offers a lot more security. The events can be followed safely and transparently on the screen. Whether it’s card games or the ball rolls in the roulette wheel, players can see everything and follow it closely. In addition, the Live Casino Studios are licensed and regularly audited by Microgaming.

Result: Extensive measures against fraud

In a Microgaming Online Casino, players are guaranteed the best possible protection against fraud and rip-off due to many security measures. Above all, the renowned online casinos and software providers strive to maintain their good reputation. Thus, many measures are taken to protect the players and the online casino itself from fraud. The secure licenses, independent tests and stability of the Microgaming Casino software provide extra security.