Roooooaaaaaarrrrr!!! Microgaming’s legendary slot machine is the place to go on a safari. Mega Moolah is notorious for its huge progressive jackpot, which regularly exceeds 10 million and has turned over 20 players into millionaires since 2008. There are hundreds of Mega Moolah tips and people who think they’ve already won. But how much of that is real?

If you’re hunting for a big win, Mega Moolah will make your wildest dreams come true, exceed your most optimistic expectations. Winnings in the 1000 range? These are the order of the day at Mega Moolah. A Mega Jackpot that’s always at least $1,000,000? Of course it’s only here, on the best safari ever!

Technical Features: What can you expect when you play Mega Moolah and skip the reels?

Mega Moolah follows the well known and popular 5 reel 25 payline structure. Microgaming lets its players choose coin denominations between 1 cent and 5 cents, of which up to 125 can be wagered at once. According to Adam Riese, this allows players to bet up to €6.25. When playing this million Euro Slots there are thus no surprises in this regard. Of course, higher bets also increase the winnings, but the maximum amount of €6.25 also lets the ordinary player go to the limit.

In our Mega Moolah test we found out that you can really successfully play Mega Moolah with all bets. Some of the jackpot winners have already won with 50 cents on their free time Mega Moolah online play. Only one thing is not possible: Play Mega Moolah for free and still win… you have to make a bet.

Even after many hours of Mega Moolah experience we still don’t have enough of the wildlife

This video slot machine offers a lot of winnings, which you can win through wild symbols, free spins, scatter, etc.. But above all that is the big jackpot. It is surrounded by three smaller jackpots, all very friendly and at least in the thousands at home. As these are progressive jackpots, a fixed percentage of each bet from all players will be added to the jackpot. It doesn’t matter which online casino you play at, the stakes all go into one pot and the Mega Moolah winners will be delighted!

But what would a real safari be without lions, elephants, zebras and giraffes? A badly organized petting zoo! Since Microgaming has also recognized this, Africa’s Big 5 are on the reels as symbols. Beautifully drawn zebra herds trot across the screen while the lion roars in the background. That’s right, if you win, the animals will speak verbally, so you’ll soon feel like you’re on a real safari.

bonuses and winnings: Mega Moolah Free Spins and bonus rounds give you even more chances at $$$

But the main reason players love this slot is bonuses and winnings that allow you to win real money at Mega Moolah. We don’t believe that we need to draw your attention to the fan static four level Mega Moolah jackpot at this point. But we’re glad that Microgaming is making players’ wishes come true here, while other progressive jackpot developers seem to have never heard of it before. The appeal of video slots like Mega Fortune (Dreams) or Mega Moolah lies in the opportunity to become a multimillionaire overnight in online casinos. Where else is there hope for an eternal beach holiday at the push of a button? The crazy thing is that of course Mega Moolah is serious.

If you manage to get the safari guide to allow you to start the bonus round, you can try your hand at a wheel of fortune divided into three levels. You spin the wheel and watch it come to a standstill on one of the squares. There are no Mega Moolah tricks. The motto is simply to stay cool and not to freak out when the lion appears. Let’s hope you have a steady hand!

The bonus feature in Mega Moolah is of course triggered by the King of the Savannah, the great, the strong, the dangerous lion! But in Mega Moolah, the lion has hidden some gifts in his mane, so winnings of 15,000 times the stake are not uncommon. But even the monkey comes along with mega winnings. View three monkeys on the reels, get x3 multipliers and free spins with the friendly support of the scatter symbol.

Mega Moolah Free Spins like Starburst Free Spins don’t actually exist. These are mostly reserved for slot machines without a progressive jackpot. However, this does not mean that there are no bonus rounds in the game. So the Mega Moolah experience remains exciting.

We could play Mega Moolah online all day long and recommend that you stop by once

For safari friends and jackpot hunters alike, Mega Moolah is worth a special recommendation. There is hardly any other slot machine that makes such big winnings possible as Mega Moolah and therefore everyone should have tried this slot machine! Mega Moolah experiences are actually part of a player’s life like the marble to roulette. By the way, Mega Moolah speaks English, like almost all big casino games.

Finally, there is nothing better than with the first deposit right this top slot machine and online slot to try. Don’t forget the insect spray, because sometimes it takes a while for the reels to stop at the right time and the progressive jackpot to be hit. Remember, you are on a safari and patience pays off.