Some play catch and others play hide and seek, but quite others hunt trolls! Not only in the internet there are trolls that annoy us, but also real trolls that can hurt us. Sounds brutal, but in Troll Hunters it’s an absolute fact. So it’s up to you to ensure security!

Play’n GO places a lot of emphasis on modern technology and support for mobile devices. So we are always happy when a new slot machine is released by Play’n GO. We were especially looking forward to Troll Hunters because it is a reactor. This type of game differs from other slot machines in that there are no reels and no paylines. Symbols just have to appear side by side.

Technical Features

Troll Hunters is a Reaktor slot machine with 5 columns and 5 rows. There are no pay lines, but three symbols in a row or column side by side make a win. This results in hundreds of winning possibilities. After a short familiarization period it is very easy to understand this principle and to learn to love it.

Ensets can be set in five levels. 20 cent, 1 euro, 2 euro, 10 euro and 40 euro are the possible options. Naturally it would be beautiful to have more selection, but the most important sizes are covered thereby.

Grafisch convinced Troll Hunters predominantly. It is certainly not a jewel of the slot machine art, but we like the design. You will surely like sympathetically drawn symbols and backgrounds that leave a very idyllic impression!

bonuses and winnings

Do you remember that Troll Hunters has no paylines? Thanks to the many hundreds of ways to win, Troll Hunters requires you to make do with lower winnings. However, since in a 5×5 playing field there are usually several winnings at the same time, the winnings add up and the slot machine pays out all in all very neatly.

Who likes constant profits should rather avoid Troll Hunters, because here the variance is quite high. That means you win from time to time, but not all the time. If you win once, however, the second and third win often follows just thanks to the self-removing symbols.

A multiplier is awarded for each win. The more winnings you make one after the other, the higher the multiplier. If you have won several times in a row, this multiplier can provide for fabulous winnings!

However, it is best if you are allowed to look at the Wild symbol more often. The Wild symbol replaces all other symbols and is also the most valuable symbol. This can only be increased if an entire column is emptied and the word “bonus” is displayed, because then there are free spins. If you manage to clean the whole playing field, up to 40.000€ wait for you!