The S Broker has expanded its portfolio and now offers savings plans with shares on US stocks as well as on the TecDAX. S Broker is the online broker of the Sparkasse, which offers numerous financial products. In addition to pure trading in shares, it is also possible to use so-called share savings plans, for example. The stocks that can be used for the savings plans so far come from the DAX, MDAX as well as SDAX and other indices. S Broker’s offering has now been expanded to include US shares and TecDAX shares, which are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. The US stocks include shares from the Dow Jones, which can be used to use savings plans.

What do the S Broker savings plans cost?

Whoever wants to use a savings plan with shares at the S Broker, can do this online without problems. It is possible that the savings plan can be executed with an order fee of 2.5%. Starting from a sum of straight once 50 euro the savings plan can be opened. As soon as the deposit on the savings plan is 10,000 euros, it is possible that a payout plan can be used. If you already have a savings plan with S Broker, you can change it at any time free of charge or suspend it and have it deleted. Fact is that the savings plan can be arranged thus more than flexibly and the customers of the savings bank thereby very much can reach can.

If S Broker offers its customers the direct trade on?

Yes, up-to-date the customers with S Broker can use the direct trade without problems. It is possible that this can be used by more than 20 trading partners, even after the close of trading. Even on weekends, S Broker customers can use direct trading via the platform. Trading is possible on 30 domestic and 30 foreign stock exchanges. Trading is possible online and by telephone. In addition, S Broker offers customers a free app with which they can also trade mobile from anywhere in the world.

What bonus options does S Broker currently offer?

Who decides to open a securities account with S Broker by 31.12. can easily receive 300 euros credit for trading. In addition it is important that on the documents for the account opening the code ?action 300? is noted. Once the account has been opened, it can be used for a period of 6 months. It should be noted that after the 6 months the remaining balance of the promotion expires. The 300 Euro bonus campaign of S Broker can only be combined with the friend referrals, other types of cooperation are not possible.

With S Broker the 300 Euro bonus credits are credited to the order commission. It should be noted that this is only the case for purchases of shares and not for order commissions for purchases from a CFD account. In the S Broker trading account it is possible to see directly online how high the current order balance is.